2023.04.09 | inaugurating the PSP EBOOTs section

there’s a lot of ‘definitive’ EBOOT skin collections floating around the internet (especially reddit), but every time i tried to use one of those, the quality let me down, so i started making my own. i’m only making themes for games i actually have on my PSP, which aren’t many, but what’s there is now also here on my little corner for the world whatever two or three people may stumble upon this place to use. all of them include background music, too, because if i’m doing it, i want it to be the way i like.

2023.02.06 | there’s now a blog!

in another case of ‘create now, populate later’, i’ve finished writing my first blogpost! don’t expect any regularity to the updates over there, but there are some hopefully interesting things i am planning to share…

2022.02.28 | new site goes live!

after owning this domain for a number of years, i’ve finally gotten around to properly design my little corner of the internet. check the sidebar to see what’s currently on offer!